Drawing Storage Cabinet

Drawing storage cabinet is used for storage of blue prints, engineering drawing and architectural drawings.

Drawing Storage Cabinet

Cabinets are available in A1 paper size and A0 paper size storage. A1 drawing cabinet has partition option where A2 to A4 paper can be accommodate. A0 Drawing Cabinet has partition option where A1 to A4 paper can be accommodate.

Drafting table and blue print reading table can also be used for drawing storage, below the surface there is storage area available where A0 size drawings can be store. Drawing filing cabinets are the cabinets where drawing is in A1 size of paper and filed in box file with reference details.


– Cabinets are made from 1.2 mm / 18 g CRCA sheet with 3mm / 10 g thick slides having ball bearing.

– It has 85 % drawer extension which is makes high cantilever holding capacity and convenient access.

– It has central locking system which makes all the drawers lock at same time.

– 7 tanks process powder coating is done to cabinet which gives it extravagant.

– Drawing storage cabinet comes with 5 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

– 10 years warranty for drawer slides.

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