Flamable Storage Cabinet

Safety cabinets are for keeping hazardous chemicals safe from humans and the environment.

What is flammable storage cabinet ?

Safety is most important concern of everyone in a working area to reduce the potential risk of a fire.

What is use of flammable storage cabinet ?

It protects from gas appliances, blow torches, flame from welding and cutting equipment, tools, machinery and equipment that generate sparks.
It also keeps safe from static electricity generated by electronic equipment such as cellular phones, keyless remotes, light switches and thermostats.


– For chemical storage, cabinets are constructed from double walled CRCA sheet.

– Gaps between the doors and cabinet into the walls are sealed which resist the flames to enter and radiant heat.

– All the insulation materials used for manufacturing are non-combustible.

– Shelfs of hazardous storage cabinets has perforation for air circulation.

– Automatic-closing doors on safety cabinets to ensure that the flammable liquids within the cabinet are insulated from ignition sources when
packages are not being retrieved from the cabinet.

– Indoor units with premium quality are designed to fit ventilators to ensure that vapours don’t enter into other rooms.

– Outer portion is resistant against corrosion and traffic damage.

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