Foam Fit Tools

Foam Fit Tools is industrial grade foam which has cut in shape of your tools to fit in it.

What is Foam Fit Tools?

Tools shape is designed in cad or traced with hand and scanned to cad for laser cutting of foam. There if finger tip cut to all shape for easy pick of tools from foam.

What is use of Foam Fit Tools?

Foam fit tools helps to recognize which tool to be locate where. It also helps to know if any tool is missing at the end of shift. In this present world all tools are expensive investment and this helps to save you expenditure for loss of tool missing in process of operation. It also creates clean and systemic organization of tools fitted in foam for ergonomic process.


– All the drawers in tool cabinet can have this foam tools for efficient storage system.

– Foam tool organizer acts as discipline in storage of tools in day to day operations.

– Making blank foam to shadow board foam by tracing tools shape through hand and cutting with hot blade.

– Tool shape should have 1.5 mm tolerance cut out in foam to make insert act smooth.

– Foams are available in all colors and you can have contrast match to tools handle.

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