Industrial Bin Storage System

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What is Industrial Bin Storage System ?

StorTools has wide range of solution as per your application for storage of industrial plastic bins. It can be store in form of Bin Racks, Bin Trolley, Bin Stand and wall mounted louvre panels.

What is use of Industrial Bin Storage System ?

It can be used at shop floor, assembly line, production line, warehouse, spare part storage and as well as for medical facilities. Bin racks has wide application and also be customized and configured as per application.


– Bin storage rack is made from CRCA sheet with powder coating finish. Shelf are reinforced with stiffener and are adjustable at 25mm pitch.

– Industrial bin has category called FPO bin, this can be mounted on trolley and use on both front & back side.

– Industrial plastic bins have pivotal role in storage of small to big spare parts and for easy access during process of production.

– Bins rack on wheels helps to move components from warehouse to production area.

– Bin mounted on rack is with help of louvre panel or customized c bracket.

– Industrial plastic bins are made from virgin and high density of plastic bins. Additional chemical and plastic components are added for
industrial robust application to this plastic bins.

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