Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving is in form of rack or cupboard / cabinet with multiple adjustable shelfs and decks.

What is Industrial Shelving ?

Rack has four pillars and fix with shelf. Cupboard or cabinet is cover from all three side and front has door with three-point locking. It has to be rigid as well as modular which makes it suitable for storage of all types. All the industrial shelving system are made from steel with powder coating finish.

What is use of Industrial Shelving?

Industrial Shelving is for storage of industrial products, component, part or tools. It is widely use in warehouse, hardware stores and factories. Component can be shelfed on rack in box, pallet or bins. Shelving can be done by nut bolt or bootless with brackets. With years of experience as industrial shelving manufacturer we can customized and built racking system as per customized requirement.


– For storage of industrial hardware components with labeling and barcode.

– Boltless racks are for convenience of shelf adjustment for efficient storage.

– Racking system for manufacturer is core storage solution which helps worker to identify the tool and parts for production process.

– Automated lifts can read the barcode on shelf and identify the parts on shelf and get you at pick up and loading station.

– Mobile industrial storage racks can save space as it cab be compressed by moving bay which creates space for movement of
human and lifts.

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