Mould Die Rack

Mould, Dies, Tools, Jigs & Fixture are heavy and too tough to handle and this expensive stuff can get easily damage.

Mould Die Rack

This may result to backlog to production and operation. It is challenging task to Handel and store this items due to its heavy weight and huge dimensions. Mould Die rack is the only solution for safety, space saving and ergonomic work environment.

Racks facilitates to make tools individually stored in a convenient-to-access location which is secure, safe and ergonomically.

Injection Mould Storage Racks provide vertical storage capacity on high-strength and load bearing capacity shelves which are engineered to accommodate the odd shapes and hard to handle injection moulds.


– Ergonomically friendly and systematic organized storage solution.

– Rack construction is made to store tooling in a safe, easy to access which eliminates the risk of worker injuries.

– This heavy-duty mould racks are protected from accidental impact, dirt and debris.

– Moulding rack play role of space saving concept which free up floor space and makes valuable floor space while maximizing warehouse
storage density.

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