Press Brake Tool Cabinet

StorTools is pioneer in press brake tool storage industry. It has unique design and solution for press brake tool cabinet for tooling by Amada, Trumpf, Rolleri and Wilson Tools.

Press Brake Tool Cabinet

Design of this cabinet has vertical drawer pull out for tool storage. It has best safety feature for tooling changeover. Press brake tools are heavy and thus safety is the major concern, which is satisfied by out tooling storage rack. It can be used from front, back and both sides, it has wheels for easy movement to haul it to press brake which makes it ergonomic for tooling changeover.

It comes in various size such as 1200 W. x 1100 D. x 1500 H. (mm), 1500 W. x 1100 D. x 1500 H. (mm), 1200 W. x 1100 D. x 2000 H. (mm) and 900 W. x 900 D. x 1500 H. (mm).

Vertical drawer is slide out due help of bearing fitted Nylon wheels, which is use for internal horizontal support and bottom support for vertical pull out.


– Press brake tool storage cabinets comes in standard colours of powder coat finish.

– Racks and cabinets protect tools against damage and soiling.

– Makes it quick access and easy handling which results in time saving.

– Continuous and long industrial use through robust and strong construction.

– Systematic organization and easy identification of tools.

– Forklift base and maple top options available.

– Shelves facilitate easy viewing and Ergonomic handling of full-length tools.

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