Workshop Chair

We have workshop chairs which are robust as well as agronomical to sit on it is also adjustable for which makes working environment comfortable.

What is Workshop Chair ?

To handle electronic components in the workshop, chair must be engineered to satisfies efficient operations. chairs for factory workers must have comfortable sitting posture performing their job which is important to operations. Workshop Chair is a chair used at shop floor of mechanical or electrical. This chair and stools can be adjustable from ground 450mm to 350mm. It is made from heavy duty steel and rubber or plastic wheels for easy movement. It is available wide range of sitting option such has foam seat, wooden seat, perforated steel seat and plastic seat.

What is use of Workshop Chair?

Worker can sit on this chair and perform precision assembly job. Back rest and arm rest make on chairs for factory workers comfortable to work for long duration. This chair is also used in laboratories and for drafting.


– All the drawers in tool cabinet can have this foam tools for efficient storage system.

– Foam tool organizer acts as discipline in storage of tools in day to day operations.

– Making blank foam to shadow board foam by tracing tools shape through hand and cutting with hot blade.

– Tool shape should have 1.5 mm tolerance cut out in foam to make insert act smooth.

– Foams are available in all colors and you can have contrast match to tools handle.

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