Why We Support Ergonomics as Industrial Workbench Manufacturers


Ergonomics play a major role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers.

Yet while many manufacturers have procedures in place that focus on preventing accidents, many forget that injuries can result from poor ergonomics as well.

These injuries can have a significant impact on a company.

Some of the most recently available data shows sprains, strains and tears collectively was the leading type of injury in manufacturing in 2017. What many would consider minor injuries, compared to more serious incidents that can occur in this type of environment, can still greatly impact time on the job, worker efficiency and overall productivity.

Industrial furniture manufacturers know the importance of worker safety, which is why you are seeing more and more manufacturers emphasize ergonomics when designing workbenches and other types of furniture commonly found in industrial spaces.

Here are some of the reasons why industrial workbench manufacturers are placing a higher value on ergonomics and why as a company you should take advantage of this.

Quality Of Life Matters

A worker’s health on the job also impacts their level of health outside the job.

When an employee must repetitively bend, twist and turn, painful injuries can not only impact worker safety and the overall efficiency of the work space, it can impact all areas of their lives.

When workers are injured, they typically must schedule an appointment with a doctor, who may then advise therapy sessions. Depending on the injury, the worker may be required to be cleared by a medical professional before coming back to work. In more severe cases, surgery may be required.

In addition to the toll these medical interventions can take on a person, workers may face a financial burden, as disability payments may not cover all of their salaries.


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